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Client Love

"My life has forever changed due to Sarah's coaching. I thought I was a successful and happy individual prior to meeting Sarah, but she has taken my life to the next level. I have been able to delve deeper into my true capacity as an individual and create amazing relationships. She has helped me make the necessary changes in my life that I needed to and helped me set action steps so I could achieve my goals. Sarah is patient, judgment free, professional and dedicated to helping others. I am happy to say she is a mentor and close friend and has impacted my life in the most incredible way. I highly recommend her as a Life Coach and I will forever be thankful to her for her amazing work."


Denver, CO

"Sarah is an amazing coach! She truly brings out the best in you, and will gently guide you toward the clarity you seek. She is an intent listener, and has an incredible ability to hear both what you say and what you mean. The exercises and "homework" Sarah offers after each session are unique and well thought out, and while they have at times pushed me outside of my comfort zone, I have felt, accomplished, happier, and more clear in my convictions after each one. My life has changed dramatically since I began working with Sarah, and while I now have so many of the things I wanted 1 year ago, I have new goals to work towards as I am much closer to achieving my greater dreams. I would recommend Sarah to anyone who wants to succeed quickly at whatever it is you are working toward." 


Newport Beach, CA

"Sarah is one of the nicest, kindest, and most caring women I have ever known. Sarah's ability to not only listen, but to fully lend her heart to every single conversation is incomparable. It's rare to find guidance from someone as easy to talk to, professional, and honest as she is. Sarah has countlessly and selflessly put herself aside to help me at times of need and I couldn't be more grateful for all she has done for me. With skills like hers, I know that she will change many more lives in the years to come!


San Francisco, CA

"As a newly engaged 26-year-old young medical professional, with a new job starting in a few weeks, a big move to a new state, and a wedding to plan, I was completely lost. The mere idea of deciding what to eat for breakfast caused me stress, and just forget about sleep. I became consumed in my own head, sleeping maybe an hour or two a night, and my negativity began weighing on everyone around me. Sarah came to me in this crucial time and allowed me to understand the root of my doubts and uncertainty. Sarah has a way of directing your focus and opening your mind by asking questions and making you come to your own conclusions. I love that about her. She never tells you what you're feeling, she gives you the tools to get there yourself. I was honestly surprised and amazed at the ease with which she was able to direct me to what I knew deep down I was supposed to be doing in my daily life. Within three days of working with Sarah, a weight was lifted from my shoulders. I began sleeping again, I was able to relax and enjoy my fiancé, and we even chose our wedding venue! A decision I had absolutely been obsessing over for weeks on end. I can’t thank Sarah enough for being my source of clarity." 


Boston, MA

"Don’t let  her youthful appearance deter you from calling on Sarah for her life coaching services. Sarah is wise beyond her years. Her excellent listening skills and intuitiveness allow her to offer wisdom and advice that will help you to propel your life forward. Sarah blows me away with how skilled she is and consistently knows just the right thing to say to propel me forward in my life situations. I value Sarah as my friend and for the noteworthy advice she offers. I highly recommend Sarah as a life couch. She is the key to your success in life!"


Ventura, CA

"Just wanted to tell you again, thank you so much for your time and insights this evening. Walking back to my car, I felt lighter then I have in several years. Without a doubt, I can say that you have done more for me in 90 minutes than I have been able to accomplish in almost a year of therapy! Thank you for your fantastically infectious positivity and for a friendly ear to bend. You made me a little more comfortable in my own skin."


Ventura, CA

"Before I knew about the Law of Attraction I found myself always in the same cycle, going from being depressed and anxious, to being happy and excited. I felt like I was stuck and nothing could get me out of the rut I was in because even feeling happy and excited I knew that there was going to be that fall to the peak and I’d end up exactly where I started. Now that I know the information about the law of attraction and know that I am the co-creator of my mental and physical reality, I have since felt myself happier and more excited all the time! I wake up everyday thinking, “today is going to be a better day than yesterday” and it always is. Knowing this knowledge and then applying it has forever changed my life for the better and I can’t express how thankful I am for Sarah. Her coaching has changed my life and I know it will change yours too. “If you want things in your life to change, you’re going to have to change things in your life.”



West Hollywood, CA

When it comes to life, we only have so much time. It’s a cliché, but like all of the clichés there is truth there worth looking at. Why wouldn’t we want every second to be as fruitful as possible? Our mindset controls SO MUCH of our reality. Sarah has helped me tackle so many mental blocks/ healing that needed to be done in my vibration in order to create the best possible reality around me. Her price for coaching was more than doable, especially for something as priceless as helping me achieve my goals and improve my quality of life. Since working with her I have become much more in alignment with the person I want to be, and much more self-aware of the ways I used to be holding myself back. I imagine her work like a slingshot— you can take whatever path you want to get from point A to point B, or you can get there in half the time. I choose the latter and so should you. I more than recommend Sarah as a coach to slingshot you into the place you keep saying you’ll eventually get to. Get there now. No amount of money could ever repay her for the impact she has had on me, and the future generations (as I will definitely keep her teachings in mind when raising my own kids one day!!)



Los Angeles, CA

I can’t say enough amazing things about Sarah! She’s helped me shift my mentality in some really significant ways. I met her as I was starting my business and I’ve been living in abundance ever since. She’s professional, communicative, and extremely insightful. She’s helped me set up my subconscious programming in a way that has helped me make the most of every opportunity that’s come my way. Building a business can be daunting and her help in keeping my mindset positive and consistent is one of the reasons I’ve been able to hire my first employee and make my first 100K in less than a year! HIRE SARAH IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER!



Los Angeles, CA

I have been in need of a life coach my entire life, I just hadn't known till I met Sarah! My whole life has been turned right side up after having multiple conversations with Sarah. She's helped me in more ways than I ever could have dreamed of. I love this girl!



Los Angeles, CA

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