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Hi Beautiful Soul!

I’m so excited to share this 5 day challenge with you! So you know the saying “when it rains, it pours”? Yeah…It’s talking about momentum. This challenge is here to show you that when it rains, it doesn’t have to pour. You have the power to stop the rain, appreciate the clouds, and then call the sun to come out =)


BUT before we get started… If you haven't already, go join the FREE Master Your Mind For Ambitious Creatives Facebook group so you can surround yourself with other amazing Ambitious Creatives looking to keep their thoughts accountable! 


To get the most out of each video, I strongly suggest you watch each one a few times, as you will pick up on new things each time.

Step 1

Step 1 Assignment: 

I want you to become aware of your thoughts. The thoughts that aren’t serving you, wont feel good to you. Everytime you don’t feel good today, I want you to locate the thought/belief that is responsible for that negative emotion. I find that an Emotion/Thought T-Graph helps.

Here’s an example:

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